Employment Law

Get Legal Advice for Job Contracts & Termination

Murray Miskin has worked in employment law as a non-specialist since 1982 when he began to work with Howard Levitt a leading practitioner in the field at the law firm of Aiken, Capp in Toronto. In addition to his main work there as junior lawyer to the late Ed Futerman on personal injury insurance cases Murray worked assisting Howard Levitt on employment cases. Both Murray and Howard left the Aiken, Capp firm in 1985 with Howard starting his own firm in Toronto and Murray moving to Whitby.

Murray Miskin has continued to handle employment law cases and has taken some of them to trial. Murray continues to advise individuals and companies on severance and wrongful dismissal matters but now primarily acts as mediator in related litigation. Murray Miskin has also acted as arbitrator in employment related cases.

This work does not include labour law involving unions, which is different than the employment law work done by Miskin Law offices.

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