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Daniel J. Miskin is the son of Murray H. Miskin and has joined the Miskin Law firm full time now that he has graduated law school in June 2015 with an LL.B. degree. Daniel has previously worked for the Miskin Law firm over the years including much work related to the Vioxx class action claims of the firm. Daniel, who has a four-year B.A. in Political Science from Concordia University in Montreal, has successfully completed law school at the University of Southampton in England. Daniel is now back home in Peterborough County.

While in law school, in addition to the basics, Daniel took specialized courses in Insurance Law, Information Technology Law, Intellectual Property Law, and Canadian Constitutional Law. He wrote a dissertation on online international arbitration in his third year. Daniel also completed the ADR Institute of Ontario recognized training course in arbitration before starting law school. Daniel has a strong interest in Alternative Dispute Resolution and Personal Injury claims. Before he can qualify as an Ontario lawyer Daniel must first take equivalency exams in Canadian law then work as an Articling Student and complete the Ontario Bar Admission Exams.

We are proud to have you with us Daniel.

UPDATE: Daniel Miskin completed his Canadian exams and is at this time an Articling Student expected to complete his qualification and be called to the Bar of Ontario in 2018.

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