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Experienced Medical Lawyer Serving Oshawa

At Miskin Law, we understand that nothing in life can prepare you for the emotional turmoil and pain that a significant personal injury can cause. Whether the injury is from an unfortunate motor vehicle accident, a medical injury or a form of cancer brought on by asbestos exposure from decades past, it is in your best interest to seek professional legal advice as soon as possible. Our team of medical lawyers at Miskin Law specialize in all types of personal injury cases. We have over 35 years of experience acting on behalf of clients in Ontario and Alberta, secure the maximum settlement they can possibly receive. Damages may be obtained from a victim’s insurance company, the defendant and/or the defendant’s insurance company, a property owner, employer’s insurance policy, or a class action suit, to name a few.

Protecting Your Rights

When a traumatic brain or spinal cord injury, car accident, slip and fall, work-related injury (including exposure to toxic chemicals or materials) or medical malpractice leaves you unable to work, paralysed or extremely disabled, the mental and financial burden can be too much for a victim to bear. Fortunately, there are laws in place in Canada which make it possible for victims to file claims for compensation. Our experienced medical lawyer at Miskin Law has tried all types of personal injury and class action suits. We will work passionately and diligently to build a strong case for you to help you win. Our ultimate goal is to redeem the compensation you rightfully deserve to cover your lost wages, and any past and future medical bills. While seeking compensation can be tricky, you can rest assured knowing that the Miskin Law medical lawyer working for you will have complete understanding of the law and how it can be applied to your case to achieve fair results.

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Miskin Law is based out of Peterborough, and serves clients in Oshawa and surrounding Durham Region from our office in Whitby, which is open by appointment only. If you have been seriously injured in an accident, or you have suffered from a medical injury or a work-related or industrial disease such as mesothelioma or lung cancer, you owe it to yourself to learn about your legal rights before it is too late. Call Miskin Law today to speak with our medical lawyer for advice. We will be happy to arrange a free first meeting with you at our office in Whitby.


Our Whitby office is open by appointment only.

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Whitby Square Plaza Unit 200, 223 Brock Street North Whitby, ON L1N 4H6

Faxes, Package Drop-Offs

Please note that all faxes should be sent to our Peterborough office at 705-874-2692

If you have a package to deliver to us, you may drop it off at our Whitby address during normal business hours and our associate lawyer who works from this office, Amelia Yiu, will ensure we receive it.

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We are located in the Whitby Square Plaza at Brock Street North and Mary Street East. Our office is on the 2nd floor, so if you require a chair lift, please let us know and we will be happy to arrange it.

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