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Hurt by Toxic Prescription and Non-Prescription Drugs?

Injuries resulting from drugs are common personal injury claims seen by the medical malpractice lawyers at Miskin Law. Many unsuspecting consumers take prescription and non-prescription medications to help them cope with pain or to keep the symptoms of progressive illnesses at bay, not expecting the same medications which were meant to heal them to end up doing them harm.

Health Canada: Your Advocate for Consumer Safety

The side effects of a medication may not be apparent immediately after it is taken. Sometimes the drug needs time to build up in your body before exhibiting its toxic effects. Canada’s federal agency, Health Canada, closely monitors the safety and efficacy of pharmaceutical and non-prescription medications as well as other personal hygiene items such as topical ointments, deodorants, sunscreens and more. 

Common ways drugs are misused that can result in personal injury:

  • Taking medication prescribed to someone else
  • Self-medicating without a medical prescription
  • Taking a higher dosage than recommended
  • Taking the drug in a manner other than its prescribed administration method
  • Taking a drug for reasons other than what it was prescribed 
  • Misunderstanding the dosage or drug interaction instructions

Settlement Reached in One of Canada’s Largest Class Action Lawsuits

Miskin Law worked on behalf of injured clients seeking compensation as part of the Vioxx class action lawsuit —one of Canada’s biggest pharmaceutical class action lawsuits. After 12 years of court proceedings, a settlement was reached after the medical malpractice lawyers were able to prove that Vioxx contributed to stroke and heart attack. The negligence lawyers at Miskin Law were able to recover over 10% of the final Canadian settlement to be disbursed between our clients from each Canadian province. 

Along with Vioxx, our medical malpractice lawyers have represented clients in a number of pharmaceutical error cases, some of which are currently in the process of settlement including Celebrex and Bextra. Miskin Law is currently working on Yaz (Yasmin), Invokana, Xarelto, Lipitor, and Talcum Powder and accepting new clients who were injured by the drugs listed.

How to File Your Personal Injury Claim

If taking prescription and non-prescription drugs including over-the-counter medication has left you with deteriorating health or caused you to suffer a personal injury, contact Miskin Law at 1-877-428-8000 to discuss your case with our negligence lawyers. We offer a complimentary first meeting were you can speak to us candidly and confidentially for free. We will help you to learn your legal right and assist with filing your claim if you choose to move forward with a personal injury case. You do not pay for our services until you receive a settlement from your claim. We charge a contingency-fee which is in-line with the Law Society regulations.

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