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Find out how victims of mesothelioma can receive compensation

In Canada there are a number of ways victims diagnosed with mesothelioma can apply to get compensation. Disability insurance policies and Canada Pension Plan disability claims are not a problem for people with Mesothelioma. Victims of mesothelioma in Canada can also apply to the workers compensation board of the jurisdiction where they worked with asbestos or to Veterans Affairs if applicable, or to US Trusts. There is usually a choice to be made which requires careful consideration to determine each person's best interests.

Billions of dollars have been set aside in US trusts for mesothelioma victims from bankrupt companies that previously sold asbestos products. Canadians have an equal right as Americans to apply to most of the Asbestos Trust Funds.

Many Canadians still face regular exposure to asbestos at schools, hospitals, workplaces and even their homes. Most buildings constructed before the 1980s contain asbestos. When claims are made, compensation comes mainly from bankruptcy trusts of asbestos companies set up for exposure. Manufacturers of asbestos products were forced to pay compensation in U.S. courts and many went into bankruptcy where funds were set up to deal with future claims. New trust funds are still being opened where companies who resisted bankruptcy gave up fighting the claims in court. Even with clear evidence that you or a loved one are the victim of asbestos exposure because of a mesothelioma diagnosis, building a case for specific trust fund compensation is very complex. An asbestos claim lawyer still has to prove exposure to specific asbestos products. This requires investigation as to which asbestos products were on the market and in a workplace where the victim was at the time of exposure. Some asbestos trusts list specific worksites as asbestos “hotspots” and accept entitlement to compensation where a victim worked there during certain years. Unfortunately, few of the listed asbestos hotspots are in Canada. Because of the work of Miskin Law more Canadian hotspots are being added to the Trust Fund hotspot lists. Every step of the way, entitlement to mesothelioma compensation can be limited by less-than-qualified legal representatives. It is a tricky path, and you should travel it with the guidance of a proven expert. As US based lawyers are not familiar with Canadian workplaces or how the Canadian system works it is best to be represented by someone in Canada who will do the necessary work and research to document a claim.  Miskin Law in Ontario works directly with the many asbestos trusts to directly and quickly get compensation.

If you have been diagnosed with Mesothelioma contact Miskin Law immediately and we will work hard to get you compensation.

Contact Miskin Law if you or a family member has been diagnosed with mesothelioma to get information on compensation.

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