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Dog Bites & Personal Injury in Ontario

Dogs are well known as man’s best friend, but not every dog is every man’s best friend. Dog bites and attacks can happen, and the resulting injuries can be serious. They can involve damage to the skin, bones, muscles, soft tissues, or nerves, and can cause long-term or even permanent pain, impairment and disfigurement. Because the stakes are potentially high, Canada has specific laws surrounding dog bites and attacks, and victim compensation. If you’ve been hurt in this type of incident, get in touch with the team at Miskin Law. We serve clients in Peterborough, Lindsay, Oshawa and surrounding areas.

aggressive play with the dog

Who Is Liable for a Dog Bite?

Under Ontario law, liability for a dog bite or attack is borne by the owner or whomever is “harbouring” the dog, which means they exercise some care and control of the dog. If this is a minor, the liable person is whoever has custody of the minor.

An owner is liable for injury caused by a dog, regardless of whether the dog was known to bite or be vicious, and regardless of whether the owner was negligent. In other words, liability arises simply because there is an injury. The owner may only argue that the victim or someone else contributed to the injuries. For example, they may claim that the parent of an injured child that was playing with a dog failed to properly supervise the child. The team at Miskin Law can help you navigate liability as you build your dog bite lawsuit.

How to Handle a Dog Bite Emergency

If you find yourself injured from a dog attack, we recommend these steps:

  • Accept Medical Help—If the attack was severe, call 911. Alternatively, go to a hospital to assess the severity of the injuries.
  • Report the Incident—When you are able, report the incident to the proper authorities, such as an animal control agency.
  • Gather Documentation—Document the scene if it’s safe to do so. Obtain the addresses of the dog owner and any witnesses. Take photos of your injuries.
  • Call a Lawyer—Call a lawyer. The team at Miskin Law is here to help you better understand the legal process and gain the compensation you deserve.

What Kinds of Damages Can I Claim?

Victims may be able to claim various types of compensation, including for:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Past and future lost wages
  • Scarring and disfigurement
  • Punitive damages

Our Expenses and Fee Structure

Miskin Law lawyers work on a contingency fee basis. You don’t pay unless money is recovered on your behalf in a settlement or judgment. Our professionals will also take care of any up-front expenses, which are typically recovered upon settlement. Our “don’t pay unless you win” policy is one more way to put your mind at ease during a stressful time.

Consult With an Ontario Lawyer Today

If you have been injured due to a dog attack, look to the trusted lawyers at Miskin Law. Our team can help you pursue a claim—something we’ve been helping Ontario residents do for over 40 years. We will work closely with your medical treatment providers and other experts to determine the full extent of your physical and/or psychological trauma. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.

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