Celebrex Class Action Lawsuit Settlement Compared

Please be aware that the deadline for submitting Celebrex or Bextra claims passed on December 20, 2012.

Pfizer’s Cox 2 inhibitor drug Celebrex is similar to Merck’s Vioxx and Pfizer’s more powerful version Bextra. Celebrex remains on the market and Bextra was banned soon after Vioxx in 2004. While Merck’s equivalent drug Vioxx was the most hotly contested and publicized lawsuit for this type of drug which can trigger heart attacks and ischemic strokes, class action lawsuits proceeded quietly including a Canadian Class Action lawsuit covering both Pfizer products. Celebrex statistically appears to have fewer problems than the other drugs and for that reason it has been allowed to remain in use. Celebrex compensation is limited to those who were prescribed the drug before 2006 when warnings became stronger.

Both the Merck and Pfizer class action lawsuit settlements include a maximum compensation of $100,000 as base compensation plus an amount for the victim’s family members. For the Vioxx settlement, stroke compensation is to a maximum of $5000 while that limit does not apply to the Pfizer class action lawsuit settlement. The case against Pfizer settled sooner and on a more generous basis which includes additional compensation for loss of income and for “consumer costs” which are the costs of the medication purchased by claimants. In the Vioxx settlement there are reductions in compensation based on numerous other risk factors that in most cases will greatly reduce what is paid. For Bextra and Celebrex the level of compensation is mainly determined by the dosage with lower dosage use claimant limited to $25,000 base compensation. The settlement in Vioxx cases is restricted to cardiovascular conditions and only covers heart attack, ischemic stroke and sudden cardiac death. The Pfizer class action lawsuit settlement includes up to $10,000 as a base amount for “other cardiac, renal or vascular event”. That means less people will be excluded from compensation under that settlement than with the Vioxx settlement.

The Vioxx class action lawsuit settlement totaling about $37 million is triple the amount of dollars as the Pfizer settlement, but there are many more claimants for Vioxx. Court approval hearings are complete for the Vioxx settlement and we have received the Judges’ decision on approval of the settlement. The total of the Pfizer settlement is twelve million dollars. The Pfizer settlement has also been given court approval several months ago and we have submitted applications for compensation for individual clients. Those applications are now being processed and we are waiting for compensation decisions. Bextra has been known to cause severe skin reactions including a horrible and rare condition called Stevens Johnson Syndrome (SJS) and it is compensated too. If you believe you or a family member may qualify for compensation for any of these drugs please call our office.

The claim process is best handled with legal assistance which we can provide on a contingency fee basis. That means we do not charge a fee or any expenses until and unless we get you compensation on your claim.

For details of the Vioxx settlement and court approval information read our main Vioxx page. For official information on the settlement of Pfizer claim refer to: http://www.bextracelebrexsettlement-en.ca/index.ht...