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Tylenol puts a strain on the liver. If you have been diagnosed with liver damage related to the use of Tylenol or other Acetaminophen products contact Murray Miskin at Miskin Law Office 877-565-8621.

In the United States claims against the manufacturer of Tylenol and other acetaminophen manufacturers are proceeding through Multi-District Litigation coordinated by the Eastern District Court in Pennsylvania. Tylenol is the most popular analgesic (pain killer) on the market. Serious damage claims related to liver damage and liver failure are proceeding in the USA, but not yet in Canada. In both countries, the manufacturer of Tylenol is Johnson and Johnson through its subsidiary McNeil Consumer Healthcare. The Miskin Law Firm has been investigating the Canadian situation with a view to proceeding with liver damage claims on behalf of Canadians. A Canadian claim related to acetaminophen would almost certainly have to proceed by way of class action. The main problem with such a claim is that there are many different manufacturers of acetaminophen products and people are using products of different manufacturers so it is not a simple matter to proceed with a claim for Tylenol.

The maximum recommended dose of Tylenol is 4,000 mg. per day which equals 8 tablets of the extra strength product (500 mg.) commonly used by adults with 2 pills at a time. Many people exceed this maximum as the warnings are not strong enough for the product given the danger and many other medicinal products contain acetaminophen and add to what is consumed directly with Tylenol. There are over 600 additional products on the market containing acetaminophen. The US Food and Drug Administration has, through a committee, recommended that Tylenol not be sold in pills larger than 325 mg. and that the maximum dosage should be 2,600 mg. per day. The Tylenol liver damage lawsuits claim that J&J went on with the marketing of Tylenol to consumers “without disclosing these side effects when there were safer alternative methods for pain relief.”
On August 30, 2013, it was announced McNeil that in the USA (and not in Canada) noticeable warnings would be placed on the bottle cap that Tylenol contains Acetaminophen and that people should read the label carefully. They accept now that because many other products contain Acetaminophen people should be alerted to the potential danger of Acetaminophen overdose. Although there are almost as many other products with Acetaminophen in Canada they do not feel a similar warning is needed in Canada. In Canada, there is recent talk of reducing the recommended maximum use.

Additional to Tylenol, many medications and non-medical drugs, and alcohol are broken down in the liver and that puts a strain on the liver. The ideal claimants that we are looking for at this time are individuals who suffer liver damage who have used Tylenol within the currently recommended dosages but without also consuming excessive quantities of other drugs or alcohol. At this point, there is no Canadian claim proceeding. Please call our office at 877-565-8621 or email details of your situation, if relevant, to Murray Miskin at:

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