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Most people don’t pay much attention to what personal injury lawyers do until they need one. This means, however, that people often don’t understand what’s involved in a personal injury lawsuit or what services a personal injury lawyer provides. Some of these people may be offered compensation from the at-fault party’s insurer before they even hire a personal injury lawyer, and may be enticed by the offer without being aware of what they’re entitled to.

If you’ve been injured as a result of another party’s negligence, don’t accept a compensation offer without first speaking to a legal professional. You could be entitled to far more money than the at-fault party’s insurance company is offering. Here are the steps your lawyer will take to help you recover every dollar you deserve.

  • Investigate the facts: Your lawyer will investigate the details of your accident to establish how the accident happened, who was at fault and the seriousness of the accident. This might involve obtaining a vehicle accident report, interviewing witnesses, obtaining photographic evidence, or hiring an expert. Your lawyer will also obtain the necessary medical documents and retain the necessary experts to assess your injuries, loss of income, need for treatment, etc.
  • Retaining expert witnesses: Types of experts that your lawyer may retain to support your case and help you obtain the damages that you may be entitled to can include accident reconstructionists, medical specialists, functional abilities evaluators, forensic accountants, etc.
  • Seek a settlement: Sometimes it’s possible to settle a personal injury case out of court, either directly with the opposing lawyer or through a process called mediation. A settlement enables you to have some control over the outcome of your case and avoids the uncertainties of a trial.
  • File a statement of claim: If the at-fault party is unwilling to settle, your lawyer will help you through the litigation process. This includes filing a Statement of Claim, attending an examination for discovery, gathering more evidence, attending a pre-trial and, ultimately, going to trial. However, settlement remains a possibility as the case proceeds through each of these steps and most personal injury cases ultimately settle before trial.

Clearly, a personal injury lawyer plays a critical role in protecting the interests of accident victims. If you want help getting the full financial compensation you deserve, reach out to Miskin Law Professional Corporation.

Since we opened our first office in Whitby in 1988, Miskin Law has proudly represented injured clients across Ontario and all over Canada. We’ll help you file your personal injury claim and fight for fair compensation, whether through a settlement or by taking the liable party to court. Our lawyers have over 60 years of combined experience and a strong track record of successful settlements. To find out what our team has to offer, call us toll-free at 877-428-8000 or contact us online for a free consultation.

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