Xarelto Has Serious Side Effects

Xarelto is a popular anti-coagulant or blood thinner used as an alternative to the much cheaper drug Warfarin. It is heavily advertised using well known celebrities from sports and entertainment with retired golfer Arnold Palmer, comic actor Kevin Nealon and race car driver Brian Vickers. While it may sound ideal from the ads, this drug carries serious side effects of uncontrollable bleeding with some users.

There is no antidote for it. Warfarin, on the other hand, can be easily stopped if there is a problem for a user. Law suits are in progress for persons harmed by this drug. There is US Multi District Litigation with numerous individual cases and some may go to trial this Fall. There are class action claims in Canada. The Miskin Law firm represents individuals with claims of injury from Xarelto. Contact Miskin Law for more information on making a claim if you have suffered harm believed to be caused by Xarelto.