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The following is the story of one of our firm’s clients who suffered adverse effects after using Bayer’s birth control pill Yasmin. Miskin Law Offices represents a number of clients who are involved in a class action against Bayer for Yasmin and a similar drug Yaz. The Class Action is now waiting for a court certification order. We continue to accept new clients. Our client writes:

I was 20 years old; about to begin my second year of college. I was put on Yasmin at a young age; not as a contraceptive, but to balance my hormones. I began taking it so that I would get my period and develop normally. I should not have been put on the drug so young, and it has resulted in not only a Pulmonary Embolism; but Deep Vein Thrombosis as well. I had numerous clots throughout my entire right leg, pelvis, and lungs. It was a miracle that I survived it. I have to take blood thinners for the rest of my life and have been told that I may never be able to carry a child. 

As a result of the incident, I was in the hospital for over a week. I was prescribed numerous pain medications for several months. I could not walk and had to return to school less than 3 weeks later or else I would have to put my career on hold for over a year in order to finish the program. (There were no openings until September of 2012). So I sucked it up and returned to school immediately on crutches, and my grades dropped drastically. I sought counseling and accessed Assisted Services within a school.

Forevermore, I will not be able to consume ANY other hormonal treatment for the imbalances in my body. I could have been on more natural supplements if I wasn’t so negatively affected by Yasmin. Their advertisements are inappropriate, and that they attract very young women to their product. All because of them, I have to suffer from these symptoms for the rest of my life and may not be able to carry a child. Any treatments to prepare my body for such an event would fatally harm the baby or myself. I have been severely depressed due to no periods and embarrassing hair growth. As a survivor, I wish to ensure that others are compensated for their loss. I want women to feel safe, receive justice, and know that future generations will not be affected by Yasmin. Many women have suffered as I have; writhing in pain like never before. Many have experienced the loss of a mother, sister, daughter, friend, or lover to the effects of Yasmin. I am one of the lucky few to have overcome the effect, with permanent complications as a result.

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