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This website was started by Murray Miskin in 1997 to promote the services of the Miskin Law firm and the use of Mediation and Arbitration to settle disputes out of court. In addition to his law practice, Murray Miskin has been a leading practitioner of ADR and teacher of Arbitration since the 1980s. This now includes online arbitration, which focuses on the Miskin Law Firm and legal services.

Our primary ADR site is, where our focus is on ADR services such as mediation and arbitration and arbitration courses taught by Murray Miskin. The most recent course ended June 20, 2014. The next course is scheduled to begin June 15, 2014, but there may be an earlier course. To register for an arbitration course go to For information on Alternative Dispute Resolution please contact us or visit one or more of our ADR related websites:

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